What is Deep Energy Retrofitting?

A deep energy retrofit is a comprehensive and integrated approach to upgrading an existing building's energy performance in locations such as Limerick. The goal is to significantly reduce the building's energy consumption and carbon emissions, while improving its overall comfort, indoor air quality, and durability.

Unlike conventional retrofits, which usually focus on individual components or systems (such as replacing a boiler or adding insulation), a deep energy retrofit involves a whole-building approach. This means that all aspects of the building's energy performance are considered, including the building envelope (walls, roof, windows, doors), heating and cooling systems, lighting, appliances, and water use.

The process typically involves an energy audit or assessment to identify the most cost-effective measures for reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions in locations like Limerick. The recommended measures may include things like adding insulation, upgrading windows and doors, replacing heating and cooling systems with more efficient ones, improving air sealing and ventilation, and incorporating renewable energy sources like solar panels.

What are the benefits of Deep Energy Retrofitting?

Deep energy retrofits, despite their initial costs and complexities, offer substantial long-term benefits such as improved energy efficiency, enhanced insulation, and significant energy savings. With the help of grants such as the comprehensive home energy upgrade scheme, you can not only offset initial investments through reduced energy costs but also enhance indoor comfort and a reduce your environmental footprint.

Limerick homeowners opting for deep energy retrofits experience advantages beyond financial savings, whether driven by a commitment to environmental responsibility or simply a desire for improved home comfort, expanded living spaces, and long-term structural integrity - these retrofits efficiently reduce energy consumption while concurrently elevating comfort and durability, transforming residences in Limerick into high-performing, energy-efficient homes.

What grants are available in Limerick?

The National Home Energy Upgrade Scheme provides grants to upgrade the energy efficiency of your property. When the work is completed your property should have an energy efficiency rating of B2 or above. The scheme is available to homeowners, private landlords and approved housing bodies.

Check your eligibility and find out more information at the following links:

Citizens Information

SEAI Home Energy Grants


Our aim is helping homeowners in Limerick upgrade their properties to be warmer and more efficient, we can manage your home improvement from start to finish making the process simple for you.

With grants of over €25,000 available in Limerick, there has never been a better time to start your energy upgrade journey. We provide all grant and work measures, ensuring you get the solution that is right for you and your property.

  • Attic Insulation

  • Rafter Insulation

  • Cavity Wall Insulation

  • Internal Wall Insulation

  • External Wall Insulation

  • Windows And Doors

  • Heating Controls

  • Underfloor Heating Retrofit

  • Heat Pump Systems

  • Central Heating System For Heat Pumps

  • Air To Air Heat Pumps

  • Solar Pv

Works Invoice Example

Scopes of works in Limerick
Heat Pump Retrofit, Underfloor Heating retrofit, Cavity Wall Pump, Attic Insulation.

Ber Pre Works C2,
Ber After Works A3

Total Works Cost £29900
Grants -£14900
Homeowner Only Pays £15000

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