What is Internal Wall Insulation?

Internal wall insulation, also known as dry lining, involves applying insulation materials to the inner surfaces of external walls within a building. The primary objective is to enhance the thermal performance of the home by creating a barrier that minimizes heat loss. This process typically includes fixing insulation boards, adding a vapor barrier layer to control moisture, and covering the structure with plasterboard. Internal wall insulation is an effective solution to address heat transfer issues in homes, providing a more comfortable indoor environment while contributing to energy efficiency.

With the installation of internal wall insulation your home in Limerick can benefit significantly from improved energy efficiency, leading to reduced heating costs during colder months. By creating a thermal barrier on internal walls, this insulation method helps maintain a consistent and comfortable temperature inside the home throughout the year.

Additionally, internal wall insulation can contribute to controlling condensation, minimizing the risk of mold and dampness. It not only enhances the overall comfort of homes in Limerick but also represents a sustainable investment that aligns with modern energy standards and environmental consciousness.

What is involved in the installation of Internal Wall Insulation?

We are experienced providers for the installation of internal wall insulation in Limerick. We will help you choose the right materials suited to your home in order to make it as energy efficient as possible.

The choice of material depends on factors such as thermal performance, moisture resistance, and budget. The most common materials include:

Insulation Boards:
Materials like expanded polystyrene (EPS), extruded polystyrene (XPS), or rigid foam boards are often used for their insulating properties.

Vapour Barrier Layers:
Polyethylene or polypropylene sheets are commonly used as vapour barriers to prevent moisture from penetrating the wall.

This is a crucial component that covers the insulation and provides a surface for finishing. It is typically made of gypsum and may have additional additives for strength and fire resistance.

Metal or Timber Battens:
These are used to create a cavity between the insulation and the internal wall, providing space for services and promoting airflow.

What are the benefits of Internal Wall Insulation?

There are many advantages that make internal wall insulation a practical and beneficial solution for homeowners in Limerick., including but not limited to:

Energy Efficiency:
Internal wall insulation helps maintain a consistent and comfortable temperature within the home, leading to improved energy efficiency and reduced heating costs.

Cost Savings:
By minimizing heat loss through external walls, internal insulation contributes to lower energy bills, providing long-term cost savings for homeowners.

Comfort Improvement:
Insulating internal walls enhances indoor comfort by creating a thermal barrier, resulting in a more pleasant living environment throughout the year.

Condensation Control:
Internal insulation can help control condensation by providing a warmer surface on internal walls, reducing the risk of mold and dampness in the home.

Home Value:
Improving the energy efficiency and comfort of a home through internal insulation can enhance its overall market value, making it a valuable investment for homeowners in Limerick.

What grants are available in Limerick?

The SEAI Internal Wall Insulation grant provides up to €4,500 (depending on the type of home) towards the installation of insulation in your home in Limerick.

Check your eligibility and find out more information at the following links:

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