It's fast and cheaper to it do this way than taking out all your floors. Our milling machines allows you to install underfloor heating in any existing floor.

Suitable for many types of floors, including existing tiled floors. No need for a floor screed as the top floor can be laid directly onto the sealed slots.

Underfloor heating in Galway can be installed in 2-3 days at most. Virtually low-dust milling thanks to high-quality extraction equipment. The easiest way to install underfloor heating in an existing screed, concrete or tiled floor, is by milling slots. This avoids unnecessary floor structures or having to chip out the slots.


Milling the floor for installation provides many advantages, such as rapid heating times as the conduits rest directly under the surface, no added floor height and no need to remove existing screed.

There is heat loss but not as high as one thinks, this solution is for projects that have no option. As heat rises, the generated warmth always permeates the floor. Additionally, there is air underneath each conduit in the milled channels. Stagnant air is the best isolation material!

No! The floor of your choice can be installed directly on top of the sealed conduits. Unless unlevelled floors are present, were a 10-15mm screed may be needed.

Floors will have to be smooth as possible, without lumps or bumps (ie. old tile adhesive, holes etc)

Yes we can install on concrete floors, sand-cement screed floor.

All floors installed post 1995 have insulation already installed, it’s a building regulation, just not as good as current regulations. By saying this the difference is cool down time rate is effected slightly.

Underfloor retrofitting can be installed in any house.

Yes timber and tile floors can be layed on the underfloor as long as the flooring is underfloor rated and the correct adhesive is used.

Energy Testing Carried Out By Us in Galway

Recent test during the Xmas period of the month of December 2021, House "A" with BER rate of C1, detached, 14kw heat pump, 190m2 with the underfloor milling retrofit was €172 including all house appliances using electricity. House "B" with BER rate of B3, semi-detached, 24kw gas boiler, 130m2 with rads was €247 gas & electricity including all house appliances.

Move Exciting results coming soon.